Gec Gec Gec

100 gecs lore???? Yeah

My 2000's TV

Fun little website that lets you channel surf! (Also includes more decades!)

YNO Project

Play Yume Nikki fangames Online!

Video Game Music Collection

A large collection of downloadable video game music!

Taiko Web

Taiko no Tatsujin in your browser! It's very easy to get addicted to playing....

Miitopia Fanon Wiki

A wiki dedicated to fanmade content for Miitopia! While some are genuinely intresting such as ideas for a sequel
or an overpowered egg as a boss, you can find some gems such as
"computer corona virus" and "acid sans" (Not to say they're bad though!)

Mii Library

A website that documents information on every offical mii in every single mii game!


Mommy times dot net :)