ZOLA Project Designs + my opinions lol

By Amano Yoshitaka

Their inital box art! Many people critize this design because of how rough it looks but I think it's not that bad.
Yes, Wil's legs look broken and yes, Yuu might be channeling his inner chameleon but, it is what it is.

By Carnelian

Monster designs my beloved...I particularly love the vampire coat and bat wings in Kyo's design,,,
My only complaint with this is that ashy skin tone used on Wil (Saturation. Please use it)
((In fact, I think half of these designs need to check their skin tones...))

By Umetani

These are very simple and soft designs. I get a somewhat 80's feel from it, especially from Yuu!

By Kei Garou

So shiny...
Personally, I find these designs kinda mehhh. But they do mirror Yoshitaka's designs!
Here, Wil looks more futuristic compared to the others casual wear(?) and the orange in Kyo's outfit
isn't really pleasing to me.

By Ayakura

This is probably where the pitchfork imagery started out! (Edit: Nvm I just realized most of them have pitchforks)
Not sure what scarfs were for but they're alright.
All and all, I guess I don't have any strong opinons on this design

By Manbou no Ane

Ohhhhh now this is visually striking! The way Manbou draws kinda reminds me of TWEWY?
Anyways, I really like how their slightly edgy designs really make them stand out!

By Aonisai

Uh nice uniforms, I guess?
Kinda boring though


Just some cute chibi's done by Kyo's VP! (I'm assuming)

By Ideolo

Huh red head Kyo...Uhhhhh COLORS. Yes I like the pastels here! I also like the dragon on Yuu's outfit.


By Nagimiso

ehhh to be honest their outfits aren't that great to me.
The patterns on their clothes are a mess and Yuu and Kyo need to see a hairdresser

By Taiko

TAIKO DID A COLLAB WITH ZOLA PROJECT?! Why didn't anyone tell me?!?!?!
They're so cute!! The color choice is perfect, having that green, pink, and blue pallete that I adore (like the powerpuff girls lol)